Flying Billboards

Flying Billboards

Flying billboards have replaced the old style letter banner. They are the latest attraction in aerial advertising offering great visual impact


  • Size - Flying billboards can be of any size up to a remarkable 300sq/m
  • Logo – The trademark symbol and colors are easily recognized. They will also match your existing ground campaign
  • Image – Larger than life high quality likeness


Billboard/Letter Banner Combo’s

Allows branding with billboard plus tactical/call to action message with lettering.

String letter banners are made of nylon silhouette characters connected to each other. Our standard characters are upper case, black, and the biggest in New Zealand at 2.1m high.

Lettering can be changed for as little as $95+GST.

The amount of letters we can tow behind the billboard depends on the size of the billboard and ranges between 22 letters for a large billboard to 36 letters for a smaller logo like billboard.

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