We take the challenges you throw at us seriously (with a smile).

Large campaigns which stretch over the entire country are our passion.

Take a bunch of passionate, experienced aviators and set a huge task before them.

Operation “High Times” (summer of 2005)

The Task

Our task required us to cover a total of 26 locations around both islands over the Xmas / New Year period with a total flight time of over 100 hours and in only 12 days.

On New Years Day alone we had to fly with the same advertising in Tauranga, Taupo and Queenstown at the same time. And so we did!

Weather Brief and Planning

The team had got together to try and plan the movements of 3 airplanes and all the equipment required to pull this off.

A few too many later we had a plan, but no idea what to do with the kiwi weather.

Accommodation on location

As you can imagine it is impossible to book accommodation in advance if you are not sure that you are going to make it (due to the weather) and it is certainly impossible to get accommodation at this time of year with no booking so what do you do???

Well, we took our tents with us and parked by the airplanes when needed.

Now that is commitment!


We did great. We have managed to get 90% of the flights on time (and at the right place too). The advertiser was pleased with the results so we were booked for the next year too.

Operation “Higher Times” (summer of 2006) was as successful.

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