Why Aerial Advertising?

Aerial advertising offers an unparalleled value that combines large audience exposure, high consumer recall rates and comparatively low cost.

Here are some examples of the cost effectiveness of aerial billboards as they apply to the New Zealand market:

Research has shown that at lunchtime in the big cities, over 15,000 people are out of the offices at city centre alone and a further 25,000 people are scattered around construction sites, garages, golf fields, parks, beaches, etc…

Our well calculated flight path will cover all this ground and more in less then an hour.

Everyday Lunch Time

  • Lunch time average audience - 40,000 people
  • Approximate costs for advertiser per thousand people - $16 NZD

Major Sport’s events (Stadium Fly-By)

  • Average audience 30,000 people
  • Approximate cost per thousand people $20.00 NZD

Summer Outdoor Events (Music, Buskers,etc..)

  • Average audience up to 50,000 people
  • Approximate cost per thousand people $12.00 NZD

The unique appeal of an aerial banner can make the difference between a good and effective advertising campaign.


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